A Walk In The Park

Between the rain showers last Sunday Zoë, her Mum and I went for a walk in Jephson Gardens.


Festival of Quilts

Zoë ‘s Mum came to stay last week and we went to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.

This is the 1718 Coverlet. It looks amazing for 300 years old!

Here are some pictures of pretty quilts, I particularly like the miniature ones.


Pauly took me on an outing to look at lots of pretty air cooled Porsches at Luftgekühlt. This event has only been held in LA before, this one was at Bicester Heritage, much closer to home!

Unfortunately we had lots of rain after months of very hot dry weather, but it was still awesome!

Belton House

Last Saturday we went to Belton House near Grantham for an afternoon outing, we were in the area picking up a new car, but more on that another time. It was a gorgeous day. We had lunch and then walked around the gardens, there was a maze!

The gardens were really beautiful, lots of massive trees, formal gardens, fountains, statues, and a hothouse.

The house was very interesting, lots to see, and it had a really nice feel to it. In one of the rooms there was a man explaining the processes they use to conserve the books, that was very interesting.

It was a very hot day so we had a nice cold drink before the drive home. There was even a cricket match going on, it was a perfect summer day.

Le Mans 2018

We went off to the Le Mans 24 hour race again. We took the ferry from Dover to Calais.

It was a wet and windy crossing, but we enjoyed watching the sea and ate a big lunch!

We had a damp drive through northern France.

We arrived at Le Mans late on Thursday, we put our tent up and watched the end of qualifying just before midnight.

On Friday we had a walk down the pit lane and saw all the cars.

Walking along the pit lane and out on to the track is always fun!I went off into the gravel. Ha ha!!!

Here are some of the cars I like. Of course the Corvettes are still my favourite!

Porsche had two cars running with retro liveries to celebrate 70 years of Porsche. They even made the garages look retro!

There was lots of interest in the number 8 Toyota as Fernando Alonso was one of the drivers.

We were quite lazy on Friday afternoon, but we did walk across the start of the Mulsanne Straight.

We relaxed at our tent on Friday evening, we stayed at the Travel Destinations campsite at the Porsche Curves. A very good spot!

We got up early on Saturday morning so we would be ready to watch the warm up. We more or less stayed in our spot until the end of the race on Sunday afternoon!

It is so exciting when the race finally starts!

A few cars went off the track in front of us. The 98 Aston Martin didn’t make it back out of the gravel. We watched it being removed from the track.

We had a great time and really enjoyed watching the race. It wasn’t the most exciting race, but it was still awesome to be at Le Mans!

Here are are a few pictures of some cars during the race.

After a few hours sleep we were back trackside with some breakfast as the sun came up on Sunday morning.

I was very happy for the Toyota to win after their heartbreak of two years ago.

We left straight after the race to drive back to Calais. Our ferry was on Monday morning. We had a big breakfast at our hotel before travelling.

We were able to get an earlier ferry crossing than we had booked, thanks P&O! and made it back to Dover just after lunch.

Another great motor racing trip! Looking forward to the WEC round at Silverstone next.


Zoë went to visit her sister in Sussex. We went on a shopping trip to Brighton. It was a beautiful day and the perfect weather for shopping!

We stopped for a picnic lunch in the Pavilion gardens.

We had a small detour on the way home to have another mini picnic and look out over the Sussex countryside.


Zoë and Pauly went to Oxford for a couple of days to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. I, of course, went with them.

We traveled by train and had a pleasant journey.

The first thing we did was have some coffee at Ratio Cafe.

We did a bit of shopping and then had lunch at George Street Social. Zoë and I had pancakes.

The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed exploring in the sunshine. We went to the Covered Market, Objects of Use, and the Shop at the Old Fire Station.

We checked into our hotel, Malmaison, which which used to be a prison!

Our room had a little balcony with excellent views.

We did some more exploring in the late afternoon sun.

We had ramen noodles for dinner. The steamed buns were excellent!

The next day was grey, damp and a bit chilly. I prepared myself with a big breakfast!

We went to the Ashmolean Museum.

Next we went to the Museum of the History of Science. A very interesting museum with lots of cool brass instruments!

Zoë spent ages in Blackwell, she does love a bookshop!

We finished our trip with pizza at Franco Manca.

We had a brilliant time and look forward to going back again soon.