I have recently returned from my summer holiday. I stayed in a hotel near Bridgnorth with Zoë and Paul.

This is me at James May’s plasticine garden that is currently at Sudbury Hall. I would have liked to walk around the garden, but it was not allowed, I am sure no one would have noticed me and I am too small to do much damage to it.

I enjoyed seeing the Ironbridge, the whole area is very pretty and so green. However, I suffered a potentially serious accident just after this photo was taken. I was standing on some railings having another photo taken when I fell off, it was a drop of about 5-6 metres, that is a long was for someone of my size. Luckily the railings were above a footpath and not the ones on the bridge or I would have been washed away by the River Severn. Zoë was very worried about me and had to run down the road and back along the footpath to find me. Luckily I wasn’t hurt, being knitted has its advantages.

While I was in Ironbridge I went to visit the Merrythought teddy bear shop and museum, I enjoyed seeing all the bears, they looked very friendly. I had my photo taken with this very large bear, you can just see me sitting on his shoulder, but I do blend in quite well.

Zoë felt so bad about my terrible accident earlier in the day that they took me out to dinner. We went to the OK Diner in Cannock. I had a beanburger with cheese and mushroom, coleslaw, and curly fries. To drink I had a big milkshake and for pudding pancakes and syrup. I let Zoë share with me as there was quite a lot of food.

I haven’t been anywhere since my holiday and have been spending my time setting up this blog. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my holiday. This weekend I am going to see my friend Mr Brown, so I will introduce him to you in my next post.


One thought on “Holiday

  1. I absolutely love your blog ManE. You are a brilliant little man and what wonderful adventures you have been upon so far! I can't wait to see where else you go and what other things you get up to. Keep up the great work.

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