Le Mans 2012: The Corvettes

For our weekend at Le Mans we stayed at the Corvette Corral. The Corvette Corral is brilliant, there is an area for parking, space to camp, a raised viewing platform, and a marquee with TV, seating and food.


There were lots of corvettes to look at.


I particularly liked this C2.


We were of course supporting the Corvette Racing team. They ran two cars, number 73 and 74. Here is the 73 car in action.


Here is the 74 car, this is our favourite of the Corvette Racing cars as we like Oliver Gavin, one of the drivers of this car.


Here are the Corvette Racing pits. One of the cars came in as we were there, I didn’t get any pictures though unfortunately.


Here is a picture of me with Ron Fellows (in the dark glasses) a famous corvette racing driver.


The raised viewing area was very busy most of the time, but you could usually see some of the action. I wish you could get one of these corvette shirts in my size!


Unfortunately both Corvette Racing cars had a bad time during the night, but they were still on the track as the sun was coming up on Sunday.


Here is another picture of one of the corvettes


This is the Corvette Racing area in the paddock.


In the end it wasn’t a very good result for Corvette Racing, finishing 5th and 6th in their class, but we still had good fun at the Corvette Corral. Larbre competition raced last years old Corvettes and after a very close race managed to win their class for the second year running so that was at least something to celebrate.


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