Le Mans 2012: The Journey

Going to France

For the first part of our journey to Le Mans for the 24 hour race we travelled down to Rouen on Thursday. I have already written about this here.


Here we are leaving Rugby on Thursday morning. We managed to pack everything in the corvette with room to spare.

On Friday we continued our journey through France to Le Mans. There were lots of really straight roads.


We drove through a few French towns like this one.


We stopped at St Saturnin for the car meeting that happens every year on the Friday before the race.


Here I am with our car.


There were lots of other cars I liked, such as this Porsche.


And this Renault 5 Turbo 2. Zoë and I used to have a Renault 5, but it was nothing like this!


It was good fun to see all the other interesting cars that had made the trip for the race.

The next bit of our journey was the final few miles to the circuit and getting to the Corvette Corral where we would be spending most of the weekend.

Coming Home

On Sunday, after the race, we drove all the way to Boulogne. We stayed the night in an Etap Hotel again, as I have mentioned here. On Monday we had a short drive to Calais to get the Channel Tunnel home.


I did offer to do some driving, but Paul said he would do it!


I still have lots more to share with you, I am going to split it up into a few posts. Next time I think I will share my experiences of the actual race.


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