Festival of Speed: The Cars

This is my round up of the cars we saw at the Festival of Speed. To start with here is our corvette in the car park, she looks very dirty but it is Le Mans mud so we left it on!


I liked being able to walk around the paddock and see the cars that you see on the track.

I do like Renault 5s, here are two of them.


The BMW display featured this gold car celebrating the Olympics.


Paul was very excited to see this Porsche 962 Le Mans winning car from 1987.


This is the current Red Bull F1 car.


We saw this Audi a few weeks ago when it won Le Mans.


This is the 2000 Williams car that Jenson Button drove in his first F1 race.


This McLaren was being driven by one of Zoë’s favourite racing drivers, Andrew Kirkaldy. Unfortunately Andrew didn’t drive it the day we were there, he is at the back right in this picture.


This is the 2011 Lotus-Renault F1 car.


I liked these red Alfa Romeos lined up together.


I love the paint work on this Opel Manta.


There was a whole display about the Bloudhound SSC landspeed car that is going to attempt to go 1000 mph. This was a full sized model of what the car will look like.


This NASCAR was great, the driver used up a whole set of tyres each time he went up the hill.


This Corvette raced at Le Mans in 1976.


My next post will look at the hill climb.


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