America Day 2: New York

We started our first full day in New York with bagels at Marlow and Sons near where we are staying. Zoë and I had cream cheese on ours, it was really good.


We then walked along to a flea market. On the way we went under the Williamsburg Bridge, and saw the Manhattan skyline.


Next we went to Brooklyn General Store, they sell loads of yarn and fabric, Zoë wanted everything, but it was Paul that got some fabric.


Next stop was the New York Public Library. This was top of our to do list as we all wanted to meet Winnie-the-Pooh! We also saw Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Tigger.


We decide to do some shopping next, or at least window shopping, and headed for Fifth Avenue.


On Fifth Avenue we went to Barnes and Noble and had pretzels in Starbucks. Then we saw Saks, Tiffany, and on to Bloomingdales around the corner.



We were quite tired by now so headed back to the apartment. We went up to the roof to see the views.




To end the day went went to a bar for a drink.



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