Edinburgh: Part 1

Last weekend we visited our friends Anna and Alex in Edinburgh. It was my first visit to Edinburgh and I had a lovely time. On Friday we explored the City,  I saw Greyfriars Bobby.


We went to the National Library of Scotland where we saw an exhibition of miniature books! They were just the right size for me, but unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures.


We had some nice views of the City as we walked around an explored. Anna gave us a very good guided tour.




I climbed the Castle! Well a small version of it!


We found a really nice tapas restaurant for lunch and all ate more food than we really needed.


On Saturday we started the day with brunch in a lovely restaurant.



Zoe and I shared a massive veggie breakfast, it was really yummy!


One of my favourite places we visited was Mary’s Milk Bar, a lovely ice cream shop selling handmade ice cream in vintage surroundings, just the sort of thing Zoe likes. I liked the ice cream!


That is rather a lot of pictures all at once so I will save the rest of our trip until next time.


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