Sweden: Part 2 –

For Paul’s work we had to go to Luleå in the north of Sweden, it is close to the Arctic circle and when we arrived it was -20°C, which is very cold indeed, even if you are made of wool.

We had yummy dinner in the hotel.


On the second day we went out for Julbord, which is the traditional Swedish buffet, I started off with christmas beer.


The first course was fish, I particularly enjoyed trying the 10 different types of Herring!


Then there was a meat course, with all sorts of different cold meats, sausages and meatballs.


For dessert, there was rice pudding, chocolate mousse, cakes and cream, yummy!


We went to see the special Christmas lights at an old town, I wore my hat to keep my head warm.


This is me outside the worlds oldest shopping centre, I think it is so cold they just wanted to be able to shop inside!


Before going out on the last night, I went to the hotel bar and had beer and nuts.


In the airport on the way back I had potato pancakes and pork along with a special christmas drink called julmust that is a bit like dandelion and burdock.


I enjoyed being away, but it was nice to be heading Home again so I could tell Zoë all about my travels.



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