Day 2: First Pancakes

To start our second day we had massive blueberry pancakes. Hopefully the first of many! We went to a really cool independent diner called Evergreen near Times Square.



Near our hotel were two big stores selling random stuff relating to candy, a Hershey’s one and an M&M one, we had fun looking at all the pointless stuff.


We saw the Ed Sullivan Theater where they film the Late Show.


We checked out of our hotel and set off on the Subway to Williamsburg. We couldn’t get into our apartment until early evening so we explored the area.



Rough Trade is only one block from where we are staying. Paul bought quite a few CDs.



We needed some refreshments so went for cocktails in the bar at the top of the Wythe Hotel. The view was amazing and we watched the sun set.




After we had settled into our apartment we went out for some very tasty Thai food. Zoë and Paul were still quite full from the pancakes so we didn’t eat much.


After dinner we walked down to the park at the bottom of the road to look over at Manhattan. It was the 11th of September so we went to see the 9/11 memorial lights shining up from where the Twin Towers stood.



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