Day 7: Road Trip

We hired a car and went on a little road to to Asbury Park, New Jersey. We stopped at the massive Jersey Gardens outlet mall. We got some good bargains.


Paul and I had Corn Dogs for lunch!


We did lots of shopping on the way and then arrived at Asbury Park. We saw the beach and the boardwalk.



The main reason for our road trip was to go the the Silverball Pinball Museum. You pay a fee and then can play on all the machines! We arrived quite late so it was only $10 each for 3 hours.





We had lots of fun playing and the pinball machines some of them were from as long ago as the 1950s. We really enjoyed a baseball game from 1955, but the most fun were the 1990s machines with lots of ramps.

When we had finished it was quite late so we stopped at the nearest Olive Garden for dinner. We had salad and pasta.



We drove back to Williamsburg and got to the apartment just after midnight. We were all tired!


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