Day 10: Sightseeing

We started our day with pancakes at Egg again, but not until nearly lunchtime!


We took the Subway over to Manhattan to do some sightseeing. There were lots of famous and interesting buildings we wanted to see. First we stopped at the Guggenheim. Lots of the inside was shut due to the setup of a new exhibition so we didn’t go in. It is an amazing building, we really enjoyed looking at it.





We walked down 5th Avenue alongside Central Park, we went passed the Met, but decided not to go in there either.


We got a little bit hungry and stopped for some cheesecake.


We continued walking downtown, but this time on Park Avenue. We saw the Waldorf Astoria. It was quite impressive!



Next we made a detour into Grand Central Station.




The main purpose of our walk was to see the New York Public Library. Another impressive building. Unfortunately the main reading room was shut!



For our final sight to see we went to see the Chrysler Building, it is such a lovely piece of architecture! We also went into the lobby, amazing!



We ended up in Little Italy where a big festival was taking place. It was very loud, colourful and vibrant.


After walking along some of the stalls we headed back to Williamsburg. At about 11pm we went to the Nitehawk Cinema for a drink at the bar and then at 12.10am saw a film! We watched Heavenly Creatures. It was fun as you can order food and drink at your seat! We didn’t get back home until well after 2am!


One thought on “Day 10: Sightseeing

  1. Awesome that you got to see the Guggenheim! Certainly a sightseeing treat, and one I’d thoroughly enjoy experiencing myself.

    Looks like your holiday is turning out to be full of cool!!

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