Snow at Silverstone

We went to Silverstone at the weekend for the ELMS and WEC races.

Saturday morning started with an hour of heavy snow! It was horrible! The rest of the day was damp and cold. The WEC practice session had to be cancelled as the weather was so bad. It dried up a bit for the qualifying sessions, but the track was still very wet.



After the qualifying session we went to the ELMS pit walk and autograph session. We saw Sir Chris Hoy, which was very exciting!


The 4 hour ELMS race was good fun. 



During the ELMS race we had the chance to walk down the WEC pit lane and see the cars in their garages. It was great to see them up close, Pauly and I were excited to see the Larbre Competition Corvette.


Sunday was a much brighter day but it was still very cold. We started the day with the WEC Pit Walk and we were able to see all the drivers and get some signed pictures. We saw the number 7 Audi drivers.  

Zoë and I really liked Bruno Senna, he was very cheerful and friendly.


The weather stayed nice for the whole of the 6 hour race and we walked around the track so we could watch the action from lots of different areas.


We had a great weekend, the racing was good to watch and the access to the pit lane and drivers makes it even more exciting. Now I am really looking forward to our trip to the Le Mans 24 Hour race in June!


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