Exploring the Scottish Wildlife

We went for a long walk hoping to see some interesting wildlife.

We didn’t see as much as we hoped but Pauly managed to get a few good pictures.

A thrush.

A chaffinch.

A big hairy caterpillar!

After our slightly disappointing wildlife walk we were surprised to see some red squirrels playing in the road!

It was exciting to see them. They ran up a tree and we could just about see them in the branches.

We drove around the Cowal Peninsula and stopped at some spots with great views.

On Saturday we went on a boat trip run by Sealife Adventures. We spent three hours on the boat, they were really knowledgeable and took us to see loads of excellent wildlife.

There are common seals in the background here, you can see the better in Pauly’s picture.

We saw lots of deer on the surrounding hills.

We saw a buzzard flying over us.

We were really hoping we might get a glimpse of an eagle during our trip to Scotland and particularly during our boat trip. You can’t really see it but there is a white tailed sea eagle in the tree in this picture!

Pauly got a really good picture.

We were so excited by this chance to see such an amazing bird of prey. We could also see the nest further down the tree. It was the highlight of our whole trip!

The excitement continued as we spent about half an hour watching porpoises swim around near the boat.

During our boat trip we also saw a heron and lots of sea birds.

We had so much fun on the boat and felt very privileged to see so much wildlife.

On our way back to Dunoon we drove through lots of gorse, it was so yellow!

We drove very close to some impressive highland cattle.

Our exploration of Scottish wildlife started a little slowly, but we did very well in the end. Here is one last picture of the eagle we saw.


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