Eden Project

I have been to Cornwall on holiday. Zoë, Pauly and I spent a week in a cottage with Zoë’s parents. We went on so many adventures that I will take a while to tell you all about them. We arrived on Sunday and it was far too wet to do anything, the cottage was lovely and warm.

On Monday we were expecting a wet day after watching the weather forecast, but it turned out quite sunny, if a little windy. We went to the Eden Project and made the most of the dry weather by walking around the outside gardens.

One of my favourite bits was seeing the world’s largest spade!

We decided to visit the Mediterranean biome before the rainforest biome. It was very pleasant.

The spring bulbs were gorgeous, especially the hyacinths.

These tiny daffodils were so cute! 

You really felt as if you were in a much warmer country, and not damp and windy Cornwall!

We had another wander outside as it wasn’t raining and went to the Core, the seed sculpture was very impressive.

It was getting late so we decided to leave the rainforest biome for another day. We crossed the high bridge and headed to the cafe. Cream tea, yum!


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