Easter Weekend at Silverstone

This year the FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series races at Silverstone fell on the Easter weekend, this meant we could go on all three days!

On Friday we saw the first WEC free practice session.

In the afternoon we watched the ELMS qualifying sessions.

We walked through the WEC paddock and found a Lego racing driver!

We enjoyed our few hours at the track getting ourselves in the mood for a weekend of racing!

On Saturday we arrived in time to queue for the pit walk! We enjoy the pit walks and autograph sessions, it is exciting to get close to the cars and drivers.

I didn’t have a favourite in this race so decided to pick a random car after the pit walk, I picked the number 2 United Autosports LMP3 car as Sean Rayhall was really friendly!

After the pit walk we grabbed a quick coffee before the WEC qualifying started.

We headed over to Becketts to watch the start of the ELMS race. 

Our radio stopped working so we didn’t have a clear idea of what was happening during the full four hours of the race, but it was fun and there was a lot of close racing with a dramatic finish!

On Sunday we arrived at the track with enough time to walk out to Becketts, we didn’t go to the pit walk as it was at 8am, four hours before the start of the race! We didn’t feel like a really long day.

We sat in the grandstand at Becketts. It is one of our favourite parts of Silverstone as you get such a good view of so much of the track. 

Here are the four LMP1 hybrid cars. The first few laps are so exciting as the LMP1 cars make their way through the rest of the field.

There were a few small rain showers, but they didn’t make too much difference. We watched from various places around the track during the six hours of the race.

The 7 Toyota had a crash, we saw the broken car coming back into the pits.

It was mostly overcast but we had a glimpse of some sunshine towards the end of the race.

The end of the race was very dramatic, the number 8 Toyota took the lead in the last fifteen minutes, but it wasn’t as close as the GTE Am class that was decided on the final lap!


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