Unexpected Car Show

On the way home from our trip to London we happened upon a car show at the Pump Room Gardens. A nice bonus at the end of our weekend away.


Very Warm in London

We went to London last weekend to watch baseball, it was very warm so we didn’t do much else, but here are some highlights

We ate a tasty lunch at Natural Kitchen.

Our hotel was next to the Tower of London.

We had a nice breakfast on Sunday morning.

We went to Regent Street for a brief shopping trip and then headed back to the station and our train home, it was just too warm for anything else!

MLB London Series

We went to London to watch baseball. Yes, baseball! A proper MLB game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, in London.

We hoped it would be good but it exceeded all expectations as the atmosphere was as good as any baseball game we have been to in the US.

The London Series was being played at the 2012 Olympic Stadium.

The weather was rather warm, reaching 33 degrees, very similar weather to the day we went to Fenway Park in 2013.

We had plenty of time to walk around and see everything that was going on before the game started.

It was exciting to see how they had changed the stadium into a ballpark.

We had some appropriate refreshments, I especially enjoyed the baseball Krispy Kreme doughnut.

The build up to the game included lots of flags!

The first pitch was at 6.10pm.

The first innings lasted about an hour and featured 12 runs! 6 all, awesome start!

The game lasted about 5 hours and ended 17-13 to the Yankees. It was a very good game.


We had a shopping trip to Cirencester a couple of weeks ago. It was a grey day, but at least it didn’t rain.

We started our visit with some coffee and cake.

We always enjoy a trip to m.a.d.e, they have lots of pretty things.

We picked up some dinner at the farmers market.

No trip to Cirencester would be complete without a good mooch around the antiques centre.