Unexpected Car Show

On the way home from our trip to London we happened upon a car show at the Pump Room Gardens. A nice bonus at the end of our weekend away.


Super Scramble – Red Cars

I do like to find the red cars when we are at car events. Last weekend we were at Super Scramble at Bicester Heritage. Here are the red cars I enjoyed.

Sunday Scramble January 2019

For our first outing of 2019 Zoƫ, Pauly and I went to Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage.

I really liked this silver Lamborghini Espada.We love a chrome bumper Corvette C3. It is nearly 12 years since we sold ours and I still miss it.

Here is our car!

Cotswold Driving

Pauly had some work done on his car this week and wanted to take it out for a drive on Saturday. We headed off to the Cotswolds and went to Broadway.

It was lovely and sunny, we had a nice walk and did some shopping.

We drove a bit more and ended up at Caffeine and Machine for some food.

There were quite a few interesting cars to look at and we had some good food.