Sunday Scramble January 2019

For our first outing of 2019 Zoë, Pauly and I went to Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage.

I really liked this silver Lamborghini Espada.We love a chrome bumper Corvette C3. It is nearly 12 years since we sold ours and I still miss it.

Here is our car!


A Very Porsche Christmas

Pauly and I went to A Porsche Christmas at Bicester Heritage. It was very festive!

I had a small snack!

There were hundreds of cool cars to look at.

Here is our car, we are really enjoying having a 911 and going to the Porsche Club GB events.

Cotswold Driving

Pauly had some work done on his car this week and wanted to take it out for a drive on Saturday. We headed off to the Cotswolds and went to Broadway.

It was lovely and sunny, we had a nice walk and did some shopping.

We drove a bit more and ended up at Caffeine and Machine for some food.

There were quite a few interesting cars to look at and we had some good food.

Sunday Driving

Our car went in for a service and we had a courtesy car for a few days, a brand new Boxster S! We went for a little outing so we could see what it was like.

We drove to Baileys Home Store near Ross on Wye.

It was a gorgeous autumn day.

We had a short walk in Ross on Wye before driving back home.

We enjoyed the car and even had the roof down part of the way, but Pauly prefers his 911 even if it isn’t quite so new!

Sunday Scramble

We got up early on Sunday to go to Bicester Heritage for the Sunday Scramble car meeting. We saw loads of interesting cars looking glorious in the autumn sunshine. It was much nicer weather than when we came for Luftgekühlt back in July! It is a great setting, the cars look brilliant in between all the interesting buildings.

I will leave you with a picture of me with our car.

WEC Weekend

Last weekend was the WEC 6 hour race at Silverstone. We had a good day out, it wasn’t the most exciting race and the 1st and 2nd placed Toyotas were subsequently disqualified!

Now we have a 911 Pauly joined us up to the Porsche Club GB, we saw lots of pretty cars.

I had some chips to keep me going until the end of the 6 hours.