The Boaty Weekender : Food

Our trip to Barcelona and The Boaty Weekender involved a lot of food, and most of it in the form of buffets!

We stayed at the Eurostars Grand Marina hotel at the port the night before we sailed. We had cocktails and food at the hotel.

Breakfast on Thursday morning was at the best hotel breakfast buffet we have ever had!

As soon as we got on the boat we checked out the cocktails, they were Belle and Sebastian themed!!! The Party Line was my favourite.

It didn’t take us long to find the buffet and have our first of many meals.

Friday morning breakfast.

We managed to drink a lot of cocktails!

We had one meal at one of the paid restaurants, La Cucina. It was nice, but we were quite happy eating the buffet food the rest of the time. During this meal we did see dolphins so we were really glad we went!Breakfast again. Saturday morning we had a freshly made omelette that was really tasty.

We stayed on the boat rather than going into Cagliari, more opportunities to eat!We had afternoon tea in our stateroom, it was a lot of cake!After all the cake we had a plate of vegetables.Breakfast On Sunday .Sunday lunch included mashed potatoes, Zoë’s favourite, so we managed to have three kinds of potatoes, woo!

we had a final breakfast but we were in a rush to disembark and I forgot to get a picture.

We went to the aquarium in Barcelona, after that we grabbed a quick lunch before going to our hotel.

We stayed at the Miramar Hotel, we had a much needed coffee and then more cocktails by the pool.

The breakfast buffet selection was a little disappointing, but tasty.

We arrived back at Birmingham Airport and were not ready for real life again. We had food and cocktails at the airport .

Now I need to go on a diet!!!

Family Weekend

Last weekend we went to visit Zoë ‘s family. This meant a shopping trip to Brighton and picnicking!

A trip to Snoopers Paradise is always so much fun.

Lunch from Hell’s Kitchen was yummy! We had a big salad.

We did lots of shopping in the North Laines.

On Sunday we had a picnic on Ashdown Forest. It was grey and misty so we didn’t feel like going for much of a walk.

Cotswold Driving

Pauly had some work done on his car this week and wanted to take it out for a drive on Saturday. We headed off to the Cotswolds and went to Broadway.

It was lovely and sunny, we had a nice walk and did some shopping.

We drove a bit more and ended up at Caffeine and Machine for some food.

There were quite a few interesting cars to look at and we had some good food.

Celebrating in Scotland

Last weekend Zoë, Pauly and I took a trip to Scotland to celebrate Pauly’s Mum’s Birthday.

We saw the Angel of the North in the rain!

We stopped for some lunch at Sainsbury’s, we had toasted sandwiches.

We went slightly out of our way so we could visit our friends in Edinburgh. During our brief stop with them we went to The Wee Shop for pastries, it’s was really tiny, but the pastries were big and excellent!

After pastries we travelled on to Melrose for our family celebrations.

On Saturday night went out for a fancy dinner at The Hoebridge. Our meal included lots of wine!

We ate loads of cake during the weekend!


Zoë and Pauly went to Oxford for a couple of days to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. I, of course, went with them.

We traveled by train and had a pleasant journey.

The first thing we did was have some coffee at Ratio Cafe.

We did a bit of shopping and then had lunch at George Street Social. Zoë and I had pancakes.

The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed exploring in the sunshine. We went to the Covered Market, Objects of Use, and the Shop at the Old Fire Station.

We checked into our hotel, Malmaison, which which used to be a prison!

Our room had a little balcony with excellent views.

We did some more exploring in the late afternoon sun.

We had ramen noodles for dinner. The steamed buns were excellent!

The next day was grey, damp and a bit chilly. I prepared myself with a big breakfast!

We went to the Ashmolean Museum.

Next we went to the Museum of the History of Science. A very interesting museum with lots of cool brass instruments!

Zoë spent ages in Blackwell, she does love a bookshop!

We finished our trip with pizza at Franco Manca.

We had a brilliant time and look forward to going back again soon.

Stony Stratford 

On Saturday we went to Stony Statford so Pauly could visit The Climbers Shop in search of a new Patagonia jacket. He tried on all of them and in the end he found one he liked!

We had a walk around the town, it was pretty and the weather was just right. We particularly enjoyed Odell’s hardware shop! 

As Stony Stratford is only just outside Milton Keynes we headed in that direction for lunch. We had burgers at Byron and then had a look in a few shops before going home.

Burger and Fries

The start of 2017 has been very quiet, I haven’t been on any adventures yet! I am hoping to change this soon.

This evening I went out with some very good friends and had a burger and fries at Gormet Burger Kitchen.

Lunch in Liverpool 

A couple of weeks ago now we spent a long weekend in Liverpool. It starting out being a shopping trip, but ended up being a lot of eating!

We stayed at the Pullman.

Our room was very nice. On the Friday night we ate dinner at the hotel and drank lots of cocktails.

On Saturday we had breakfast at Siren, the veggie breakfast included halloumi so Zoë was very happy.

We walked around the shops for a bit and then had a late lunch of massive pancakes at Moose Coffee. They were so good!

We walked back to our hotel at dusk.

We had a big dinner at Wahaca, including cocktails!

On Sunday we had another walk around the shops and the Zoë and I caught the train home. Pauly was staying in Liverpool for work on the Monday.

20th Anniversary 

This week we went to London for two Belle and Sebastian shows at the Royal Albert Hall. These were to celebrate 20 years of their first two albums, Tigermilk and If You’re Feeling Sinister.

We arrived in London at lunchtime on Wednesday and had Byron burgers and milkshakes. I really liked the Courgette Fries.

We were staying in Kensington so thought we might as well go to a museum. We went to the Natural History Museum to look at fossils and dinosaurs.

We checked into our hotel.

We had a little nap and then got ready to go to the Albert Hall

Belle and Sebastian played the whole of Tigermilk and then loads more songs! It was brilliant.

Thursday we started with breakfast and then went to the Tate Modern.

We walked across the Millennium Bridge and passed St Paul’s Cathedral.

We went to Wahaca for lunch and cocktails, we all love Wahaca!

After all that afternoon drinking we needed to nap before going out again.

This time it was If You’re Feeling Sinister in full and then loads more songs, different to the day before and including Lazy Line Painter Jane, which was very exciting!

Then we went to an after party indie disco for some dancing. We then had to get back to the hotel at 2am, good job there are night buses!

Friday morning we had breakfast and then headed back to Euston to catch the train home.