Celebrating in Scotland

Last weekend Zoë, Pauly and I took a trip to Scotland to celebrate Pauly’s Mum’s Birthday.

We saw the Angel of the North in the rain!

We stopped for some lunch at Sainsbury’s, we had toasted sandwiches.

We went slightly out of our way so we could visit our friends in Edinburgh. During our brief stop with them we went to The Wee Shop for pastries, it’s was really tiny, but the pastries were big and excellent!

After pastries we travelled on to Melrose for our family celebrations.

On Saturday night went out for a fancy dinner at The Hoebridge. Our meal included lots of wine!

We ate loads of cake during the weekend!

Sunny Barbeque

Last Sunday we had an amazing barbeque with lots of friends at Amy and Barney’s house. Barney was trying his new barbeque for the first time. We had lots of yummy food and a strange visitor helped me with my pudding!







Christmas Days

This year we had two Christmas Days! One with Zoë’s family and one at Emily’s on Boxing Day.

To get into the festive spirit we went to see some reindeer on Christmas Eve. They were visiting the local garden centre.


On Christmas Day morning we started with breakfast which included one of my favourite Christmas things, bucks fizz!


We had our Christmas Dinner at lunchtime, we had the traditional ‘too much’ to eat!



We had lots of fun opening our presents and having time together as a family. Zoë and Paul took me home about 6pm, but it does take us a long time to get back so we couldn’t stay too late.

On Boxing Day we went to Emily’s, her Christmas tree was very pretty.


Again we had lots of presents and then lots more food!




We followed the food with lots of drinking and playing games. The whole day was lots of fun.

Knit and Natter Christmas Special

Last night was the Berylune Knit and Natter Christmas Special. I got to wear my special Christmas hat that Amy made for me and drink mulled wine!


There was an impressive party buffet so we had lots to eat, but very little knitting got done.


I ate quite a lot of food and so did everyone else. There was hardly anything left by the end of the night.


Instead of knitting everyone was playing games and having lots of fun, the evening turned into quite a party!

Edinburgh: Part 2

Here is the second part of our trip to Edinburgh. On Saturday night we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Again we all ate lots of food as it was all so tasty.


After dinner we went for some cocktails, we had quite a few in different bars and then went back to Anna and Alex’s flat and made up a few of our own cocktails!


On Sunday morning we went to the beach at Portobello, it was a nice sunny day.


In the afternoon we had a walk along the canal.


We finished our trip playing board games before catching our flight home. I am already looking forward to visiting Anna and Alex in Edinburgh again. Next time we hope to see the pandas at the zoo!

Edinburgh: Part 1

Last weekend we visited our friends Anna and Alex in Edinburgh. It was my first visit to Edinburgh and I had a lovely time. On Friday we explored the City,  I saw Greyfriars Bobby.


We went to the National Library of Scotland where we saw an exhibition of miniature books! They were just the right size for me, but unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures.


We had some nice views of the City as we walked around an explored. Anna gave us a very good guided tour.




I climbed the Castle! Well a small version of it!


We found a really nice tapas restaurant for lunch and all ate more food than we really needed.


On Saturday we started the day with brunch in a lovely restaurant.



Zoe and I shared a massive veggie breakfast, it was really yummy!


One of my favourite places we visited was Mary’s Milk Bar, a lovely ice cream shop selling handmade ice cream in vintage surroundings, just the sort of thing Zoe likes. I liked the ice cream!


That is rather a lot of pictures all at once so I will save the rest of our trip until next time.

Sharks in Oxford

Zoë, Paul and I went to visit our friends Anna and Alex in Oxford this weekend. We went on a little outing to find bargains in some local charity shops. I didn’t buy anything but I did see this awesome shark.


We had lunch in a great cafe. I had some red Sanpellegrino and a pie with bubble and squeak.



For the rest of the day they all played an epic game of Risk, I made my own tiny army. It was nice to find something smaller than me for a change!


Shopping in Oxford

Paul and Zoë went to Oxford to visit their friend Anna at the weekend. We all went on a shopping trip walking along Cowley Road into the city centre.


It was very busy, full of shoppers and tourists.


We went back with lots of bags full of shopping so it must have been a good day.