All The Castles

For Pauly’s birthday, which also happened to be Easter Sunday, we went out to see a castle or two and eat a picnic. We had amazing sunny, warm weather for our trip.

First we went to Wigmore Castle. It was a nice walk from where we parked the car.

The castle might be ruins but there are many bits from various parts of the castle that give you a good sense of the scale of the site.

The views were stunning. We could see why they chose this location to build a castle!

It was a really pretty spot, great fun to explore.

Our next stop was Clun Castle, just a few miles away. This castle is also in ruins, but not spread out as far as Wigmore Castle.

This was another amazing location, situated within the Shropshire Hills AONB.

We were so lucky to have such good weather for this trip, it made a fun trip into a wonderful day out!


Family Weekend

Last weekend we went to visit Zoë ‘s family. This meant a shopping trip to Brighton and picnicking!

A trip to Snoopers Paradise is always so much fun.

Lunch from Hell’s Kitchen was yummy! We had a big salad.

We did lots of shopping in the North Laines.

On Sunday we had a picnic on Ashdown Forest. It was grey and misty so we didn’t feel like going for much of a walk.

Weekend in Windsor

Last weekend we went to Windsor for a couple of days. We were very lucky with the weather, it was very warm and Sunny for February.

We stayed at the Castle Hotel, we had a nice room with views of the castle.

We ate at the hotel restaurant. The food was very good.

Saturday was really foggy. We went to the castle, it was excellent.

We even saw the Changing of the Guard.

The sun finally came out!

In the afternoon we walked the Long Walk from the castle to a statue of George III.

We had dinner at Meejana, a Lebanese restaurant. We had lots of mezze!

On Sunday we had breakfast at Bill’s.

After looking at a few final sights we went home.

Cotswold Driving

Pauly had some work done on his car this week and wanted to take it out for a drive on Saturday. We headed off to the Cotswolds and went to Broadway.

It was lovely and sunny, we had a nice walk and did some shopping.

We drove a bit more and ended up at Caffeine and Machine for some food.

There were quite a few interesting cars to look at and we had some good food.

Sunday Driving

Our car went in for a service and we had a courtesy car for a few days, a brand new Boxster S! We went for a little outing so we could see what it was like.

We drove to Baileys Home Store near Ross on Wye.

It was a gorgeous autumn day.

We had a short walk in Ross on Wye before driving back home.

We enjoyed the car and even had the roof down part of the way, but Pauly prefers his 911 even if it isn’t quite so new!

Celebrating in Scotland

Last weekend Zoë, Pauly and I took a trip to Scotland to celebrate Pauly’s Mum’s Birthday.

We saw the Angel of the North in the rain!

We stopped for some lunch at Sainsbury’s, we had toasted sandwiches.

We went slightly out of our way so we could visit our friends in Edinburgh. During our brief stop with them we went to The Wee Shop for pastries, it’s was really tiny, but the pastries were big and excellent!

After pastries we travelled on to Melrose for our family celebrations.

On Saturday night went out for a fancy dinner at The Hoebridge. Our meal included lots of wine!

We ate loads of cake during the weekend!