Weston In Winter

On Monday we took a trip to Weston-super-Mare to celebrate Emily’s birthday. Last time we went it was really quiet, but this time it was sunny and not too cold so the seaside was busy!

We went to the pier and had fun in the arcade.

We had a nice walk along the beach enjoying the sunshine. It was a great way to end the year.

The Boaty Weekender – Other Stuff

We flew from Birmingham to Barcelona on Wednesday 7th August for The Boaty Weekender.

We stayed at the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel near the port on Wednesday night. We were upgraded to a suite and given cava and cocktails! A good start to our holiday.

The view of Barcelona from the roof was great, even if it was a bit grey.

On Thursday morning we woke up and could see the boat from our window!

We boarded the boat at about 12pm, giving us plenty of time to explore before anything started happening.

We had food and drinks and found our stateroom.

We took part in the first round of the pub quiz and did well enough to make it through to the final, we did quite well in the final and finished about mid table.

Zoë and I had fun at the Collage Club session. Pauly came and joined in too, we all had fun cutting and sticking.

Cagliari, as viewed from onboard.

There were some other impressive boats in the port.

We made use of the sun loungers very briefly, it was too warm in the sun!

We popped along to the towel animal demonstration, very impressive!

We found the bridge observation room. There was a big model of the boat!

Pauly took me in the pool with him for a little paddle, I can’t get too wet as I am very absorbent!

Then before we knew it, the weekend was over and we had to disembark.

For our last night in Barcelona we stayed at the Hotel Miramar, it was quite posh!

The Boaty Weekender : Food

Our trip to Barcelona and The Boaty Weekender involved a lot of food, and most of it in the form of buffets!

We stayed at the Eurostars Grand Marina hotel at the port the night before we sailed. We had cocktails and food at the hotel.

Breakfast on Thursday morning was at the best hotel breakfast buffet we have ever had!

As soon as we got on the boat we checked out the cocktails, they were Belle and Sebastian themed!!! The Party Line was my favourite.

It didn’t take us long to find the buffet and have our first of many meals.

Friday morning breakfast.

We managed to drink a lot of cocktails!

We had one meal at one of the paid restaurants, La Cucina. It was nice, but we were quite happy eating the buffet food the rest of the time. During this meal we did see dolphins so we were really glad we went!Breakfast again. Saturday morning we had a freshly made omelette that was really tasty.

We stayed on the boat rather than going into Cagliari, more opportunities to eat!We had afternoon tea in our stateroom, it was a lot of cake!After all the cake we had a plate of vegetables.Breakfast On Sunday .Sunday lunch included mashed potatoes, Zoë’s favourite, so we managed to have three kinds of potatoes, woo!

we had a final breakfast but we were in a rush to disembark and I forgot to get a picture.

We went to the aquarium in Barcelona, after that we grabbed a quick lunch before going to our hotel.

We stayed at the Miramar Hotel, we had a much needed coffee and then more cocktails by the pool.

The breakfast buffet selection was a little disappointing, but tasty.

We arrived back at Birmingham Airport and were not ready for real life again. We had food and cocktails at the airport .

Now I need to go on a diet!!!

The Boaty Weekender – The Bands

Last week (how is it a week ago already!) we set sail on the Boaty Weekender. Four days at sea with some of our favourite bands!


The first band we saw was The Vaselines in the Atrium. It was a great start!Next we saw the solo show by Stina of Honeyblood, also in the Atrium.

We were so excited to see Belle and Sebastian on the pool deck just after we had set sail.

Tracyanne & Danny played in the Atrium.

We only saw a bit of Teenage Fanclub on the pool deck as we tried to fit too many things in! We quickly followed them up with Django Django in the Spinnaker Lounge, awesome and very loud!


The first band we saw was Alvvays on the pool deck, it was very hot!

The Belle and Sebastian Q&A session was good.

Camera Obscura on the Pool Deck was one of my highlights of the weekend. So good to see them play again!

Honeyblood at the Spinnaker were really excellent.

Hinds in the Atrium were so much fun!


This was the day in port at Cagliari so there weren’t any bands until the evening. We stayed on the boat and had a bit of a rest.

We saw Buzzcocks with other artists joining them. So good!

Camera Obscura in the Atrium was next, a really intimate and fun gig.

Belle And Sebastian were playing on the pool deck again. This time we stood on the walk way behind the stage, it was fun to see them play from behind and be really close to everything.

Afterwards there was a B&S dance party, we danced around a lot!

We popped over to Magnums to catch Wojtek the Bear, our new favourite band! We went back to the dance party and carried on dancing all night!


We woke up a bit tired from our very late night dancing.

We drank coffee and watched The Vaselines from the shade as it was very warm on deck!

In the afternoon we had the Belle and Sebastian Fold Your Hands show in the Stardust Theatre. This was for the people who booked early.

Later on, we also saw Camera Obscura in the theatre, another great performance, so happy to have seen them 3 times!!!

We had a little bit of time to catch a couple of songs from Mogwai on the pool deck.

We went back to the Theatre to see Alvvays again. That was the last gig we saw of our Boaty Weekender.

There were more bands we didn’t get to see, it was hard to decide which ones to go to at some points! If only we could have gone to all the gigs!

Very Warm in London

We went to London last weekend to watch baseball, it was very warm so we didn’t do much else, but here are some highlights

We ate a tasty lunch at Natural Kitchen.

Our hotel was next to the Tower of London.

We had a nice breakfast on Sunday morning.

We went to Regent Street for a brief shopping trip and then headed back to the station and our train home, it was just too warm for anything else!


We had a shopping trip to Cirencester a couple of weeks ago. It was a grey day, but at least it didn’t rain.

We started our visit with some coffee and cake.

We always enjoy a trip to m.a.d.e, they have lots of pretty things.

We picked up some dinner at the farmers market.

No trip to Cirencester would be complete without a good mooch around the antiques centre.

All The Stations

We went on an adventure by train for the All The Stations #haveanadventure weekend. We chose Kenilworth as our destination as it is close to home and the station only opened last year.

We walked to the station in Leamington Spa.

Our train was very small!

We saw a little bit of countryside on our short journey.

A few minutes later we arrived in Kenilworth.

We walked around the shops for an hour or so.

We had a tasty lunch at the Almanack.

It was a very windy day so after lunch we headed back to the station.