Super Scramble – Red Cars

I do like to find the red cars when we are at car events. Last weekend we were at Super Scramble at Bicester Heritage. Here are the red cars I enjoyed.


Super Scramble June 2019

Last weekend we went to the Super Scramble car show at Bicester Heritage. It was a fancier version of Sunday Scramble.

This Gold Iso Grifo was stunning.

We also saw quite a few planes.

We had a picnic lunch sitting under a tree.


We had a shopping trip to Cirencester a couple of weeks ago. It was a grey day, but at least it didn’t rain.

We started our visit with some coffee and cake.

We always enjoy a trip to m.a.d.e, they have lots of pretty things.

We picked up some dinner at the farmers market.

No trip to Cirencester would be complete without a good mooch around the antiques centre.

All The Stations

We went on an adventure by train for the All The Stations #haveanadventure weekend. We chose Kenilworth as our destination as it is close to home and the station only opened last year.

We walked to the station in Leamington Spa.

Our train was very small!

We saw a little bit of countryside on our short journey.

A few minutes later we arrived in Kenilworth.

We walked around the shops for an hour or so.

We had a tasty lunch at the Almanack.

It was a very windy day so after lunch we headed back to the station.

All The Castles

For Pauly’s birthday, which also happened to be Easter Sunday, we went out to see a castle or two and eat a picnic. We had amazing sunny, warm weather for our trip.

First we went to Wigmore Castle. It was a nice walk from where we parked the car.

The castle might be ruins but there are many bits from various parts of the castle that give you a good sense of the scale of the site.

The views were stunning. We could see why they chose this location to build a castle!

It was a really pretty spot, great fun to explore.

Our next stop was Clun Castle, just a few miles away. This castle is also in ruins, but not spread out as far as Wigmore Castle.

This was another amazing location, situated within the Shropshire Hills AONB.

We were so lucky to have such good weather for this trip, it made a fun trip into a wonderful day out!