Celebrating in Scotland

Last weekend Zoë, Pauly and I took a trip to Scotland to celebrate Pauly’s Mum’s Birthday.

We saw the Angel of the North in the rain!

We stopped for some lunch at Sainsbury’s, we had toasted sandwiches.

We went slightly out of our way so we could visit our friends in Edinburgh. During our brief stop with them we went to The Wee Shop for pastries, it’s was really tiny, but the pastries were big and excellent!

After pastries we travelled on to Melrose for our family celebrations.

On Saturday night went out for a fancy dinner at The Hoebridge. Our meal included lots of wine!

We ate loads of cake during the weekend!

Exploring the Scottish Wildlife

We went for a long walk hoping to see some interesting wildlife.

We didn’t see as much as we hoped but Pauly managed to get a few good pictures.

A thrush.

A chaffinch.

A big hairy caterpillar!

After our slightly disappointing wildlife walk we were surprised to see some red squirrels playing in the road!

It was exciting to see them. They ran up a tree and we could just about see them in the branches.

We drove around the Cowal Peninsula and stopped at some spots with great views.

On Saturday we went on a boat trip run by Sealife Adventures. We spent three hours on the boat, they were really knowledgeable and took us to see loads of excellent wildlife.

There are common seals in the background here, you can see the better in Pauly’s picture.

We saw lots of deer on the surrounding hills.

We saw a buzzard flying over us.

We were really hoping we might get a glimpse of an eagle during our trip to Scotland and particularly during our boat trip. You can’t really see it but there is a white tailed sea eagle in the tree in this picture!

Pauly got a really good picture.

We were so excited by this chance to see such an amazing bird of prey. We could also see the nest further down the tree. It was the highlight of our whole trip!

The excitement continued as we spent about half an hour watching porpoises swim around near the boat.

During our boat trip we also saw a heron and lots of sea birds.

We had so much fun on the boat and felt very privileged to see so much wildlife.

On our way back to Dunoon we drove through lots of gorse, it was so yellow!

We drove very close to some impressive highland cattle.

Our exploration of Scottish wildlife started a little slowly, but we did very well in the end. Here is one last picture of the eagle we saw.

Driving to Dunoon

On Thursday we drove from Glasgow to Dunoon. We went up by Loch Lomond to enjoy the scenery.

A little further on we stopped for a picnic.

In the late afternoon we arrived at our destination, the Abbots Brae hotel in Dunoon. We have stayed here a number of times before, Zoë and Pauly had their wedding here 8 years ago this week!

We stayed in our favourite room, it has a great view! That evening we had dinner at the hotel.

After dinner we were quite full so we walked down the drive to the sea for a brief stroll to walk off some of the food. It was a really nice evening.

We started the next day with a good breakfast, toast, French toast and lots of coffee!

We did some walking and drove around the Cowal Peninsula. It was really pretty, even on a grey day!

We had dinner at Livingston’s in Dunoon. Parsnip soup followed by risotto, it was very tasty.

On Saturday we headed north to Oban.

On our way back to Dunoon we stopped at Inveraray for some fish and chips, the food was really good and the views across Loch Fyne were amazing. It was such a lovely evening!

On Sunday we left Dunoon and started heading south again. 

Travelling North

Pauly and Zoë have taken me on holiday to Scotland. We went as far as the Ibis Styles Haydock on Tuesday.

We arrived quite late so we had a quick sherry and went to bed.

We had some breakfast and set off for Glasgow. We had a stop for coffee at Tebay Service and watched some birds.

We arrived in Glasgow and went to the Sparklehorse for lunch, Zoë and I had a massive burger and a glass of wine.

We stayed the night at the Ibis hotel.

In the evening we went to the Tiki Bar for food and cocktails.

On Thursday morning we went to Kember and Jones for a very good breakfast.

We walked back from Byres Road to our car at The Kelvingove.

We then set off for part two of our trip …

Unexpected Trip to Scotland – Day Two

Our second day was much brighter. After breakfast we headed back to Edinburgh.


On our way we saw a penguin.


And the ship Discovery.


We enjoyed the train journey which went over the Tay Bridge and the Forth Rail Bridge!




We did a lot of shopping in Edinburgh.


When we couldn’t carry anymore we went for some tapas.



We had two great days in Scotland, it was even more fun as we weren’t expecting it!

Unexpected Trip to Scotland – Day One

Pauly went to Scotland for a couple of days last week. It was supposed to be a work trip but his meeting was cancelled and we had a mini holiday instead.


It wad an early start at the station waiting to catch the train to the airport.


We flew to Edinburgh, it was a bit grey and damp.


Pauly and I spent the morning walking around and doing some shopping, as Zoë wasn’t with us we could buy her lots of Christmas presents!




In the afternoon we caught the train to Dundee.


We had some food in a nice cafe.



We checked into our hotel.


Pauly went for a swim in the hotel pool, I can’t swim, I just soak up all the water! Afterwards we went for dinner, prawn cocktail followed by beef.



Glasgow Museums

During our Glasgow holiday we visited lots of museums. We went to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery to see the Dali painting that had been out on loan last time we went.






This is one of my favourite buildings in Glasgow. It is so impressive and grand, it is also a very interesting Art Gallery and Museum.

We also went to the Glasgow Science Centre, the Planetarium was great, but the Centre was mainly for children, Zoë got bored!





We had a walk in the Botanic Gardens on Sunday afternoon, and it was a lovely sunny day.


My favourite museum was the Riverside Museum. This museum is all about transport, there were lots of cars and bicycles!





I loved the way everything was displayed, especially the cars on the wall!