Back at Berylune

Now we are at home again Zoë has been spending time at Berylune. I went along too as you can read here.

We have also been on a picnic with lots of our Leamington friends.



Zoë and Paul enjoyed catching up with their friends and I enjoyed eating the food!

Family Visit

This weekend Zoë and Paul went to visit Paul’s family in Yorkshire. We stayed with his parents, but also went to visit his brother, sister in law and nephew. We actually had some sunshine so I went for a walk in the garden.




We had some yummy food in the very good restaurant near Paul’s parents house. I had some bread for a starter and vegetable pie with goats cheese for my main course (well, I shared it with Zoë).




To finish our trip off we went to Meadowhall to do some shopping.



January has been a rather quiet month so I haven’t had any adventures to share with you. I had a walk in the park, but it wasn’t very exciting, everything seemed really grey.



We had snow in the middle of the month which was quite exciting, although Zoë wasn’t very happy trying to get home from work when it was like this!


I put on my hat and went out to play, it was a bit cold so I didn’t stay out long.


Last weekend we went shopping in Nuneaton.


And had Sunday lunch out.


We have some adventures lined up for the next few weeks so things should get a little bit more exciting!

Sunday Morning Walk

It was such nice weather on Sunday morning that I had to make the most of it and enjoy some time outdoors. I decided to take a walk along the local canal.






On the way back home I went a different way to normal and found the Storytelling Tree, this sculpture celebrates Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland.


The Tree is surrounded by piles of books carved from wood.


The Tree features carvings showing various characters and objects from the Alice in Wonderland story.


I liked the ‘eat me’ cake, unfortunately Alice, the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire Cat were all too high up to get to so I couldn’t have my picture taken with them.


To keep me going on my walk I made sure I took a snack, these mini Daim bars are a good size for me!



We have had lots of snow this morning, but it stopped snowing around lunchtime. I decided to make a snowman before it starts snowing again. As it is so cold I found a hat and went into the garden. 

I wasn’t able to find anything to make a face for my snowman but he does have arms! I need to have a nice hot drink now to warm up after playing in the snow, I am very cold and a little damp.

I’m back!

Sorry I have been away for a long time, I was having a rest after my trip to Belfast. Today I am at work with Zoë. I am staying in her coat pocket out of the way. She decided this morning that it looked like a miserable day and felt like some company on the way to work, so here I am.

It is too dark in here to take a picture, and it would be a very boring one of the inside of a pocket if I could take one. I hope that the next time I go out it will be a little more exciting.

Bye for now…

Hello my name is ManE

Hello, my name is ManE (pronounced man ee) and I am a little knitted man. I am 50mm tall and about 20 years old (so old I have lost count!). I have spent all my life living with Zoë, we have enjoyed lots of good times together and I have helped her out with important events such as exams, driving test, and her wedding day, she thinks I am her lucky charm. I now live not just with Zoë, but with her husband Paul as well.

This is me driving a big corvette, it is Paul’s corvette, he is very kind and lets me borrow it sometimes.

One of my most impressive achievements occurred earlier this year. I went all the way to the top of the Aiguille du Midi, during our holiday to Chamonix in the French Alps. Zoë was very scared of being on the top of a mountain, but I loved it. I even had a hot chocolate while I was up there!